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2. Voluntary Activities

2.10 Current debates and reforms

Last update: 20 June 2024

Encouraging young people's involvement in voluntary activities

In May 2024, Minister of Social Affairs Jakob Forssmed met representatives from 18 organizations during the spring meeting of the Youth Policy Council. The council discussed young people's non-profit involvement and participation in civil society. The meeting began in the afternoon with a presentation of some proposals in an upcoming investigation: "On public recognition of young people's efforts in civil society". The council then discussed, among other things, how society can encourage more young people to get involved in civil society and how to reach out to new groups of young people.

The Youth Policy Council was established in 2008 as a forum for discussion and consultation on current issues within youth policy, both national and international. Through the council, the government receives contributions to its analysis of the world in the field of youth policy, and new proposals in youth policy can be anchored with representatives of the policy's target group. 

Recognition of young people's involvement in civil society

The government has appointed an inquiry into public recognition of young people's efforts in civil society. Investigators are tasked with investigating how a system for public recognition of young people's commitment and efforts in civil society can be designed.
The assignment includes the following:

  • Analyse and submit proposals on how such an order should be organized and administered so that the selection of the persons who may be subject to public recognition takes place in a transparent manner.
  • Submit proposals on which public actor at national level should have the overall responsibility for administering the system. 
  • Explain good examples that already exist in other parts of civil society, for example in the sports movement or other sectors, such as the cultural area, business life and the municipal sector.

The investigator shall report the results at the beginning of August 2024.