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2. Voluntary Activities

2.10 Current debates and reforms

Last update: 28 November 2023

Within the scope of the 11th Development Plan (2019-2023) of the history of the Republic, studies on volunteering goals, especially youth volunteering, continue. In this context;

2.3. Qualified People, Strong Society

  • 2.3.6. Child, 607. 2. “Children, families and teachers will be made aware of volunteer activities and children will be directed to these activities.”
  • 2.3.7. Youth, 620.4. “Young people will be made aware and guided within the scope of volunteering activities and their participation in voluntary activities will be encouraged”.
  • 2.3.11. Population and Aging, 658. 2. “Voluntary activities and projects that will increase intergenerational solidarity will be supported.”


2.5. Rule of Law, Democratization and Good Governance

  • Civil Society, 776. 1. “An inclusive framework arrangement that strengthens the field of civil society and volunteerism will be made.”
  • Civil Society, 779. 4. “Facilitation of internship opportunities in NGOs will be encouraged by the participation of university students in volunteering and NGO activities.” provisions are included.


Forthcoming policy developments

The process of issuing a framework legislation on volunteering continues under the coordination of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, General Directorate of Civil Society Relations. The prospective volunteering law is expected to include description and scope of voluntary activities, the categorisation of voluntary organisations, voluntary rights, legal precautions against the abuse of volunteers.

Ongoing Debates

GönüllüyüzBİZ Platform is considered to be promoted among youngsters in a more efficient way. Besides, designs aimed at providing more educational and career opportunities to young volunteers are central to ongoing debates concerning youth volunteering.

In certain universities volunteering is taught as an independent lesson. Besides, inclusion of volunteering in the curriculum of secondary schools continues to be a topic of high interest.