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2. Voluntary Activities

2.10 Current debates and reforms

Last update: 28 November 2023

The analysis of the situation of volunteering in Spain (La Acción Voluntaria 2022) is the most updated document on the current situation of volunteering in Spain and its possible debates and reforms.

In accordance with the Action Plan 22-24 of the Youth Strategy 2030, the axis referring to volunteering is committed to maximising the impact of volunteering experiences on young people, which is why progress will also be made in the accreditation and recognition of the basic competences acquired in these experiences (Reconoce and projects for the recognition of youth qualifications).

At the political level, during the XIV Legislature (2019-2023), the political group Ciudadanos presented on 13/02/2020 a proposal for a "Law for the promotion and recognition of Patronage, Micropatronage and Volunteering", which has expired.

Ten questions to the government with written answers have also been registered in the Congress of Deputies. These questions have been asked by different political groups such as Vox (4), PP (5) and PSOE (1). Some of the topics of these questions are about what policies the government is going to implement to promote volunteering in Spain, about the planned date for approving the general regulations for the development of Law 45/2015, of 14 October, on Volunteering, and the State Observatory on Volunteering or also on what measures have been implemented in the development of the Law on Volunteering.