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1. Youth Policy Governance

1.9 Current debates and reforms

Last update: 28 November 2023

A renewed youth policy action programme

The government presented a youth policy communication with an action programme for the period 2021–2024 in March 2021, including over 100 initiatives to strengthen mental health, improve equality in school and investment in jobs for young people (Ungdomspolitisk skrivelse Skr 2020/21:105). The initiatives are aimed at creating conditions for achieving the national youth policy goal, that all young people should have good living conditions, the power to shape their lives and influence over the development of society. The four priorities are presented below:

Mental health among young people must increase

The mental health of young people is an important issue that requires broad efforts in several policy areas. Good mental health is a prerequisite for good living and growing up conditions. This prioritisation is intended to concretize the previous prioritisation that concerned the well-being of young people. The prioritisation primarily refers to the efforts made in public health and health and medical care policy, but efforts are also required in e.g. the areas of LGBTQI people's rights and measures against segregation.

Young people's social inclusion and establishment in the labor market must increase

The Covid-19 pandemic and its consequences have particularly affected young people's school situation and situation in the labour market. The areas that are covered within the prioritisation are e.g. investments in labour market policy, young people's entrepreneurship and young people who neither work nor study The establishment of young people has also previously been a priority, but the priority is expanded to include social inclusion.

All young people should have a meaningful leisure time

Having a developing and meaningful leisure time is an important part of growing up. Leisure time has a major role to play for young people as it can provide space for community that is open to everyone, and where everyone is given the opportunity to freely develop their abilities and to participate in society. Young people's leisure time has also previously been a priority area. Several policy areas are covered in this prioritisation. This includes investments in leisure activities, culture, sports and association participation.

All young people must be involved in the shaping of society

The influence and participation of young people has been a central part of youth policy since its inception. The same applies to young people's conditions for organisation. A prioritisation that all young people should be involved in the shaping of society becomes a clarification of the goal. The prioritisation will also be more forward-looking in the area. Initiatives in this area refer to initiatives to promote young people's organisation and participation in democracy as well as preventive initiatives to counter hate speech and  threats.