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2. Voluntary Activities

2.6 Quality assurance

Last update: 13 June 2024

There is no national quality assurance system available for evaluation of the activities for young people. When it comes to collecting young volunteers’ feedback on their experiencies in the framework of QA, organisations describe that they use different practices. Some do not require any feedback at all, and some ask the volunteer to report more or less extensively. The non-profit organisation Volontärbyrån (the volunteer agency) conducts an annual survey that is sent out to those who have applied for a volunteer assignment on Volontärbyråns website during the current year. The survey focuses on which activities volunteers engaged in and what is important to those who have volunteered. The results are published in an annual report, Volontärbarometern.

As explained in 2.7 Social inclusion through volunteering, the Swedish Agency for Youth and Civil Society, MUCF, distributes government grants that civil society organisations can apply for implementing projects. The agency submits an annual report, Projektbidragens användning och effekter, to the government on how the project grants have been used and on the effects of the funding. The report is based on final reports that the organisations are obliged to submit. The report assesses whether the reported use and effects are in line with the purposes of the grants. The project owners' own assessment of the long-term effects of the project grants, both at societal, organisational and individual level, is also included in the report.