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EACEA National Policies Platform


2. Voluntary Activities

2.8 Raising awareness about youth volunteering opportunities

Last update: 17 January 2023
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  1. Information providers
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Information providers

There are no specific contact points or a national website providing information on volunteering for young people. There are no state-funded or regional volunteer centres either, having the responsibility to assist with young volunteers’ placement and to promote volunteering opportunities in Sweden.

Instead, several government agencies within different sectors are responsible for the distribution of grants, information and advice, and for the implementation of policies concerning voluntary organisations. For example the Swedish Agency for Youth and Civil Society (MUCF), the National Board for Health and Welfare (Socialstyrelsen), and the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth (Tillväxtverket).

Even local authorities give support to different types of voluntary organisations. The municipalities have the major responsibility for providing information to young people at the local level. Information regarding voluntary activities may be spread through many actors, for example employment offices, schools and study counsellors.

Autonomy for the municipalities in Sweden is a fundamental principal that is regulated in the Local Government Act. The local authorities develop their own policies and programmes within the general frameworks set up by the Parliament and the Government. As a result, different approaches to promote volunteering can be found across the country.

Independent umbrella organisations in various fields of the civil society also promote volunteering. In fact, the civil society organisations carry out most of the promotion activities in Sweden. They rely on volunteers and therefore strive to engage more people in their work. The National Forum for Voluntary Organisations (Forum) is an umbrella organisation for civil society organisations working within the social sphere in Sweden. Their aim is to improve the opportunities for voluntary social work within Sweden through influencing public opinion, facilitating the exchange of knowledge and introducing new methods of work.


Key initiatives

One of Forum's activities is to intermediate for volunteer engagement through Volontärbyrån (the volunteer agency), an on-line matching tool for volunteering opportunities. Volontärbyrån works actively to to inspire more young people to engage in voluntary work. Although many non-profit organisations are continually seeking more volunteers, and many young people want to make a difference, it is not always easy to find each other. Among other activities, a campaign film was produced in 2018.