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EACEA National Policies Platform: Youthwiki


1. Youth Policy Governance

The “State Strategy for Youth for 2003-2012” (Strategia Państwa dla Młodzieży na lata 2003-2012) (Strategy) prepared before Poland’s accession to the EU remains the only document determining the development and directions of Polish youth policy. Currently, there is no strategy in Poland directly relating to young people. The Strategy emphasises the links that exist between youth policy and legal regulations concerning education, social welfare, national defence, employment and combating unemployment, children’s living conditions in families, healthcare, as well as prevention of crime, drug addiction and alcohol abuse.

When determining the objectives of youth policy in the Strategy, the Council of Ministers asumed that the Strategy should cover people aged 15-25. The Strategy was prepared by a team composed of representatives of youth organisations, experts researching youth problems and representatives of the Minister of National Education and Sport. The document underwent public consultation with young people and public administration representatives. Work on the preparation of the Strategy was coordinated by the Ministry of National Education, and the Minister of Education was responsible for its implementation. The authors of the Strategy emphasised the necessity to create conditions for the coordination of the activities of the government, institutions and non-governmental organisations working for young people.