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EACEA National Policies Platform: Youthwiki


1. Youth Policy Governance

Taking into account the objectives of the National Youth Strategy (as presented in section 1.3 National Youth Strategy), Romanian youth policy includes measures in the field of education, culture, volunteering, public and political participation, sports, health, leisure, employment, entrepreneurship and social inclusion. While the Ministry of Youth and Sports is the main top-level responsible authority in the field of youth, only five of the main priorities of the youth policy are in its direct responsibility. These themes are: (1) Non-formal learning; (2) Youth volunteering; (3) Youth public and political participation; (3) Youth sport; (4) Youth leisure. 


The youth is not central in other policy fields and there are very few policy measures directly dedicated to young people, as presented in the following chapters. The Youth Strategy was developed according to a cross-sectorial approach. However, in the absence of an action plan of the Youth Strategy the interventions planned by different ministries are isolated.


For all these policy initiatives, the main information sources on the Romanian youth are the Youth Barometers commissioned by the Ministry every two years, as presented in section 1.6 Evidence-based Youth Policy.