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1. Youth Policy Governance

Last update: 26 April 2024

An overview of Youth Policy Governance in the Republic of Serbia is presented in this chapter.

The Ministry of Tourism and Youth is responsible for youth affairs and the implementation of the Youth Strategy in the Republic of Serbia for the period from 2023 to 2030 (and other policy documents in the field of youth). The ministry coordinates activities related to the implementation of these documents together with different bodies in charge of special areas in the youth sector and all other youth policy actors. In addition to the ministry, youth policy actors are:

  • the Provincial Secretariat for Sports and Youth, 
  • line ministries, 
  • local authorities’ units/local youth offices,
  • the National Youth Council of Serbia (SER Krovna organizacija mladih Srbije), 
  • the Council of Scouts of Serbia (SER Savez izviđača Srbije),
  • institutions, youth and for youth associations carrying out youth activities, 
  • and other actors participating in the implementation of youth policy. 

In addition to the Youth Strategy 2023–2030, other relevant documents/policies in place are:

  • the Law on Youth (SER Zakon o mladima), 
  • the Action Plan for the Implementation of the Youth Strategy in the Republic of Serbia for the period from 2023 to 2030 (SER Akcioni plan za period od 2023. do 2025. godine za sprovođenje Strategije za mlade u Republici Srbiji za period od 2023. do 2030. godine), 
  • Youth Health Development Strategy (SER Strategija razvoja zdravlja mladih), 
  • the Labour Law (SER Zakon o radu), etc.

One of the first major milestones in supporting youth policy/youth policy governance was the establishment of the Ministry of Youth and Sport in 2007 (the former ministry in charge of youth policy). Later on, youth policy was further defined in the Law on Youth  which entered into force in 2012. Based on amendments to the Law on Ministries, a new line ministry in charge of youth was established in 2022 – the Ministry of Tourism and Youth.

The Law on Youth regulates measures and activities undertaken by the Republic of Serbia, the autonomous province and local authorities aimed at improving social status and position of youth and at creating conditions for addressing young people’s needs and interests in all areas of interest for young people. 

The purpose of the Law is also to create conditions for supporting young people in organizations, social activism, development and fulfilment of their potential for their own and for the benefit of society.