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EACEA National Policies Platform
Republic of North Macedonia

Republic of North Macedonia

1. Youth Policy Governance

Last update: 7 March 2024

North Macedonia's approach to youth policy governance aligns with the principles outlined in the EU Youth Strategy, emphasizing cross-sectoral collaboration, evidence-based decision-making, and cooperation with other authorities. Through these concerted efforts, we aim to create an enabling environment that empowers young people to thrive and contribute meaningfully to society.

In line with that, In September 2017, the Parliament of the Republic of North Macedonia has established Club on Youth Affairs and Policies. The Club on Youth and Policies, following the example of the European Parliament and the other West – European Parliaments, was established in the Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia.   

The Club on Youth and Policies is an informal body of the Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia comprised of the Members of all parliamentary parties aiming to represent the interests of the young people in the Republic of Macedonia, through the cooperation with the youth organizations, informal youth groups and youth wings of the political parties. 

In the beginning of 2020, the Macedonian parliament adopted the first Law on Youth Participation and Youth Policies

As for the documents, the National Youth Strategy (2023-2027) is one of the main National Youth Policy documents which sets out the basic principles and action guidelines for all actors in society. 

The National Youth Strategy 2023-2027 (hereinafter Youth Strategy) is a strategic document with which medium-term goals and priorities are determined for the development of youth policies and the promotion of the interests of young people in the Republic of North Macedonia. The main imperative of the strategy is to

improve the position of young people in society by setting basic principles of actions, goals and measures that offer a reform framework primarily for the institutions, but also for other stakeholders enabling young people to realize their rights, needs and interests. The National Youth Strategy is adopted by the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia and refers to a time period of five years (2023-2027).