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1. Youth Policy Governance

Last update: 17 March 2022

The state youth policy is targeted and consistent activity of the state, municipalities, youth organizations and society, which is aimed at creating favorable conditions for full-value personal development of young people and their participation in the public and economic life, as well as their inclusion in the governance at local, regional and national level by carrying out activities promoting the development of young people.


The state youth policy is implemented by the Council of Ministers through the Minister of Youth and Sports in accordance with the National Youth Strategy.


The National Youth Strategy defines the long-term goals and priorities of the state youth policy of the Republic of Bulgaria for a period of 10 years.


The Ministry of Youth and Sports drafts the National Youth Strategy and upon its proposal the Council of Ministers submits the draft to the National Assembly, which finally adopts the National Youth Strategy.


The main responsible institution for the implementation and development of youth policy is the Ministry of Youth and Sports. Its responsibilities in terms of youth and youth policy are as follows:


• coordinates the preparation and implementation of the National Youth Strategy and the corresponding annual action plan;

• coordinates the preparation of the annual youth report;

• develops draft laws and legal regulations in the field of youth policy;

• develops programs for youth activities;

• coordinates the work of central and territorial governmental authorities for the implementation of the youth policy;

• interacts with youth organizations in the implementation of the national youth policy;

• interacts with other governmental and local authorities in the implementation of the

national youth policy;

• manages, organises and coordinates programs and projects in the field of youth;

• encourages youth voluntary activity.