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1. Youth Policy Governance

Last update: 28 November 2023


Youth and youth policy are important components of public policies in Turkey. With establishment of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, these componenets have come tobe handled in more elaborate and comprehensive manner. The most overarching framework for youth work in Turkey has been established with the prescriptions in the Constitution (Anayasa); with the Decree Law on Organisation and Duties of the Ministry of Youth and Sports (Gençlik ve Spor Bakanlığı'nın Teşkilat ve Görevleri Hakkında Kanun Hakkında Kararname), youth work in Turkey has been formulated in a manner covering areas, tasks and responsible public units. Components of youth work and duties based on these include supporting personal and social development of the youth, improving services provided to the youth, ascertaining procedure and principles of youth work, supervising projects aimed at the youth, providing inter-institutional coordination carrying out works regarding the youth and enhancing opportunities for youth participation. Thus, the main legal instrument that is shaping the youth work in Turkey determines policy and targets aimed at both strengthening the youth and ensuring youth participation.  As resolved in the mentioned Decree Law, the National Youth and Sport Document has been established and through policy areas ascertained under 13 headings, both the process of implementation and monitoring policies in the youth field is activated and a more efficient substructure of cooperation and coordination with institutions working in the youth field is set.

Decision-making mechanism on youth policy is based on inclusion of new approaches and suggestions in the light of assessment of the outcomes of previously implemented polices and measures in the process in a participative manner. Reflection of the requests and opinions of many groups working on youth, making an effect or with potential to be effected from policies to the policies to be formed is adopted as the main approach.  In this direction, the policy ascertained towards the youth, public authorities and partners responsible for executing the target and policy measures and monitoring are clearly stated.