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EACEA National Policies Platform: Youthwiki


1. Youth Policy Governance

Children and youth as the target groups are on the agenda of more than 10 public institutions - in particular ministries.

Youth policy in Slovakia is coordinated by the MESRS. Youth policy is defined in the Strategy of the Slovak Republic for Youth 2014-2020. The new Strategy of the Slovak Republic for Youth 2021-2028 is currently being prepared and will reflect the goals of the EU Youth Strategy for the years 2019-2027 (1.3).

IUVENTA - Slovak Youth Institute is the National Agency for Youth (1.4). 

Cross-sectorial cooperation on youth policy issues is ensured by two expert groups: the Interministerial working group for state policy in the field of youth (hereinafter IWGY) and the Committee for Children and Youth (1.5).

Implementation of the Strategy of the Slovak Republic for Youth for 2014-2020 is evaluated in the regular Youth Reports (1.6). Funding of youth work is partly covered by the Programmes for Youth (MESRS), a significant long-term source is represented also by the EU Youth Programs since 1998 (1.7).

Local and regional self-governments constitute their own youth policies on their territory (1.4).