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8. Creativity and Culture

8.8 Synergies and partnerships

Last update: 28 November 2023

Synergies between public policies and programmes

Working groups have been established in cooperation with experts from the Federal Ministries of Education, Labour, Family and Youth, Health, Women's Affairs, Foreign Affairs and representatives of the cultural scene, interest-groups, trade union and social-partnership representatives. These working groups have been working on the issues of social security for artistic, cultural and media workers, employment law, unemployment insurance law, women in the arts, support for art, copyright and taxation measures and mobility in order to improve the social situation of artists in Austria.

Kreativwirtschaft Austria

As part of the Austrian Federal Economic Chambers, Kreativwirtschaft Austria promotes the interests of the creative industries within Austria and fosters public awareness of the creative solutions the sector provides. It represents the interests of the Austrian creative industries, both at a national, European and international level. It is committed to developing the creative industries in Austria and creating linkages with other sectors. The activities encompass skills development to support the economic success of creative people through tangible services and networking of companies and intermediaries; representation of interests of the creative industries and information and awareness as a knowledge hub, commissioning studies into and increasing the visibility of the achievements of the creative sector.


Culture connected is a nationwide initiative by the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research. The Aim of this initiative is to support cooperation projects between schools and culture partners. New perspectives should be conveyed, old ones should be questioned and prejudices should be reduced by this initiative. Teams consisting of pupils, teachers as well as at least one extracurricular cultural partner are invited to apply with their projects for a maximum funding of 1500 Euro. The OeAD supports the initiative conceptually, in an advisory capacity and organisationally.

Partnerships between the culture and creative sectors, youth organisations and youth workers

Austrian Cultural Council (Kulturrat Österreich)

The Austrian Cultural Council is a consortium of the associations representing the interests of art, cultural and media workers. It is a platform for shared cultural policy concerns and objectives and represents common interests to politics, media and administration as well as connects to European and global organizations and networks.

Cooperation between WienXtra and museums in Vienna

In the framework of the MQ event Summer of Sounds, the Leopoldmuseum and WienXtra (Vienna’s Youth Information Centre) developed and organised the “speaking picture” project through which the museum space became discernible for children in a new manner. The voices of young viewers which told stories about themselves formed "speaking pictures". Short picture-radio-plays arose completely from the ideas of the children and were presented at special listening locations. The project thus provides a best practice example of a cooperation between youth centres and cultural institutions.

Connecting youth with creative projects: the Austrian Youth Information Centres

The Austrian Youth Portal (Jugendportal) and the nine provincial youth information centres gather and portray information on cultural projects that young people can become involved in both online and in brochures. This provides a central point of information on the broad range of available activities in fields such as acting and performance, ceramics and sculpture, cosmetics, dance, film and photography, graffiti, literature and poetry slam, living history and role play, music, nature, newspaper and print, painting and drawing and radio. The Youth Information Centres themselves organise projects that bring youngsters and creative professionals together, such as the Youth Portal's Youth Reporter project that connects youths with an interest in journalism with media professionals through workshops in digital, print, radio and video.