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EACEA National Policies Platform
Republic of North Macedonia

Republic of North Macedonia

8. Creativity and Culture

8.8 Synergies and partnerships

Last update: 31 March 2022
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  1. Synergies between public policies and programmes
  2. Partnerships between the culture and creative sectors, youth organisations and youth workers

Synergies between public policies and programmes

The questions of creativity and culture are cross-cutting in several Strategies on national level:

There is no information on existence of clear mechanism for cooperation in order to ensure synergies in the different policies.

The National Youth Strategy 2016-2025 is a comprehensive Strategy including different national policies that concern young people in one single document. The process for the creation of the Strategy was highly participative and involved the Ministries and other (non) governmental agencies concerned.

The synergy between the national and local policies on youth matters is very important. Many municipalities created local youth policies in order to improve youth development in their community. The creation of these local youth policies takes into consideration the youth strategy on national level while taking into account the local context. Most of these local youth strategies identify the culture as one of the main priorities for youth development.

The Strategy for youth of City of Skopje 2014-2018 (Стратегија за млади на град Скопје 2014-2018) is one example of Strategy on local level where culture is identified as one of the eight priorities.

Partnerships between the culture and creative sectors, youth organisations and youth workers

In October 2021, the Ministry of Culture announced Annual call for financing projects of National interest in certain activities and areas of culture for 2022. The goal of the call was to support projects aimed at development, affirmation and promotion of culture in the Republic of North Macedonia in the following activities and areas:

  • visual arts, architecture and design;
  • dramatic activity;
  • protection of cultural heritage (museum activity and protection of intangible cultural heritage, library activity, protection of immovable cultural heritage and protection of audiovisual goods);
  • interdisciplinary projects;
  • literature and publishing;
  • cultural events and festivals;
  • music and music-stage activity;
  • international cooperation;
  • folklore.


In 2018 the Ministry of Culture formed intra-sectoral group for realization of youth policies in the field of culture. The group is composed of governmental institutions and youth organizations. In December 2018 Intra-sectoral group held the first meeting where they discussed measures proposed by the Ministry of Culture which should lead to greater involvement of young people in cultural life in the country. Some of the measures are: scholarships for talented students, discounts for high school and university students, international projects in the field of culture (in partnership with AYS) etc. There is no publicly available information on other meetings or actions undertaken by this group.

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