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EACEA National Policies Platform


8. Creativity and Culture

8.8 Synergies and partnerships

Last update: 7 January 2021
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  1. Synergies between public policies and programmes
  2. Partnerships between the culture and creative sectors, youth organisations and youth workers


Synergies between public policies and programmes

Within the 2020 Culture Plan (Plan Cultura 2020) there is an initiative to promote a social partnership by strengthening the link between public policies and the programmes that derive from them to:

  • Boost the cultural patronage with the approval of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation of a law of cultural patronage and the creation of the Unit of Culture and Patronage.
  • To reach, together with cultural agents, a greater promotion of reading by fostering the Observatory of Reading and the Book, to start a new Plan for the Promotion of Reading and the creation of Reading Clubs with the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training;
  • To promote civic culture in Spain by celebrating the encounter of culture and citizenship that serves as a space for reflection, collaboration and networking work in collaboration with the Autonomous Communities and local authorities;
  • To promote new tools for the dissemination and protection of cultural heritage, as well as to improve its accessibility by strengthening existing National Cultural Heritage Plans and strengthening the Social Museums (Museos + Sociales) programme;
  • To preserve and to disseminate musical and choreographic heritage. To contribute to the education and social inclusion from the performing arts through an audiovisual platform called Danzamedia, to have a tool of work and study of the Spanish dance.

Partnerships between the culture and creative sectors, youth organisations and youth workers

International working fields

The Spanish Youth Institute (Instituto de la Juventud (INJUVE)) through the Alliance of European Voluntary Organizations (Alianza de Organizaciones de Voluntariado Europeo) and the Autonomous Communities offers 710 places, distributed in 31 countries within the Programme Fields Of Work, in which Spaniards between 18 and 30 years old carry out volunteer projects for 15 days. The programme aims at enhancing intercultural learning, personal development and reinforcement of cooperative values.

Petit Palaces Hotel Award

The Petit Palace Hotels participated with Boreal Projects in the ArtSevilla-International Meeting of Contemporary Art 2017 (ArtSevilla-Encuentro Internacional de Arte Contemporáneo 2017). 10 artists under 35 years old exhibited at the hotel in Seville from 26 to 31 October, as well as in the international emerging Hybrid Art Fair in Madrid.


Mulafest is an art fair in its sixth edition held during the summer in Madrid. It is devoted to tattooing, music, sexuality, eroticism and urban art. It also counts for the first time with the participation of INJUVE, in an illustration contest that celebrates its fourth year, and whose main prize amounts to 1,000 euros in the categories of comics and graphic novels.