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EACEA National Policies Platform


8. Creativity and Culture

Last update: 31 March 2021

In Austria, arts and culture are ubiquitous and enjoy a high societal value, which makes them a natural part of young people’s everyday life. Creativity is defined as a teaching principle and several school subjects (e.g. music, arts, German) are closely related to culture and creativity in all school types. Furthermore, all federal museums run an art education department and thus provide a large variety of services for schools and young people.

With the initiative “Freier Eintritt bis 19" (free admission up to 19) the Austrian federal museums open their gates to children and young people. Young people have free access to Austria's biggest cultural treasures. According to the Arts and Culture Report 2019 (Kunst- und Kulturbericht 2019), curated by the Federal Ministry for Arts, Culture, Civil Service and Sport (Bundesministerium für Kunst, Kultur, öffentlicher Dienst und Sport), more than 10 million children and adolescents made use of this offer since its start in 2010. In 2019, 1.312.904 young people of this age group (of which 557.925 or 42% Austrian) were reached with the offer.