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8. Creativity and Culture

8.8 Synergies and partnerships

Last update: 28 November 2023
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  1. Synergies between public policies and programmes
  2. Partnerships between the culture and creative sectors, youth organisations and youth workers

Synergies between public policies and programmes

There is no single document that covers the participation of young people in culture and creativity. Synergies between public policies and programs are ensured through the interministerial consultative bodies supporting the development and implementation of governmental policies in the field of youth, culture and education.

For example, in 2019 the Ministry of Education and Science and the Bulgarian Academy of Science developed a joint program “Education with Science” („Образование с наука“). Under this program students from all schools in Sofia are able to have out-of-class activities in museums and institutes of the Bulgarian Academy of Science. There they will study mathematics in online classrooms, program robots, offer solutions for coping with climate challenges, carry out anthropological researches, chemical experiments, projects in mechanics and holograms, apply cosmic technologies in ecology. 26 projects for the amount of BGN 500 000 (about EUR 250 000) are approved under this program through which the museums of the Bulgarian Academy of Science will develop educational programs and activities for the students. The program further plans to organise summer schools for the children and their teachers.

The program is aimed at provoking interest in mathematics, technology, natural sciences, and to expand educational environment. Similar programs are implemented with cultural institutions as well. Every school excursion comprises a visit to sites of educational and cultural importance, thus providing career orientation. The program “Education with Science” („Образование с наука“) will help to motivate more students to engage in science and to obtain better knowledge of mathematics and natural sciences. Initially, it will be directed mainly to the children from Sofia, but during the next years its scope will be expanded. The Bulgarian Academy of Science has its own traditions in working with young people. The program is more focused on STEM disciplines, however it promotes the profession of “researcher”.

See section 8.2 – Cross-sectoral cooperation.

Partnerships between the culture and creative sectors, youth organisations and youth workers

The Youth Fair Festival (фестивал „Панаир на младите“) has been launched in 2007 as an initiative of the Youth Theater “Nikolay Binev” (Младежки театър „Николай Бинев“). The idea of the forum is to be a platform for expression of young theatre actors in their stage attempts and projects. Every year, at the beginning of the new theater season, the stages of the Youth Theater host the young people for a week.

The Youth Fair Festival – SITE-SPECIFIC Theatre 2019 (Фестивал „Панаир на младите – SITE-SPECIFIC Theatre 2019“) is organized with the kind support of Sofia Municipality and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Bulgaria. Annually, the event was part of the Calendar of cultural events of Sofia Municipality. The yearly editions of the one and only SITE-SPECIFIC theater festival in Bulgaria offer the audience unique theater experiences and magnificent performances within the untraditional theater spaces of the Youth Theater “Nikolay Binev” (Младежки театър „Николай Бинев“).

The National Culture Fund (Национален фонд „Култура“) implements Mobility Program (програма „Мобилност“), Amateur Cultural Organisations and Artists Module (модул „Непрофесионални културни организации и артисти“).

The objectives of this program are as follows:

    • projects that contribute to the enhancement of contacts of the representatives of the Bulgarian amateur cultural sector at international level and establishment of long-term partnerships;
    • projects supporting the decentralization and diversity of the cultural life in the country;
    • promotion of the Bulgarian amateur culture and art at international cultural events and forums;
    • projects for sharing and mastering good practices in short- and long-term perspective;
    • projects involving young people (up to the age of 30) and engage them on long-term basis in the amateur cultural sector.

The program funds project expenses in the amount of up to BGN 1500 (about EUR 750) inclusive for individual trips, and up to BGN 5000 (about EUR 2500) for group trips. The annual budget of the program is BGN 250 000 (about EUR 125 000).

Eligible candidates are as follows:

    • all cultural organisations, including non-profit organisations, as well as individual cultural figures residing in Bulgaria;
    • Bulgarian natural persons representing non-formal groups of artists;
    • Bulgarian cultural organisations representing foreign natural persons – cultural operators and artists invited to participate in cultural events in Bulgaria.