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1. Youth Policy Governance

1.5 Cross-sectoral approach with other ministries

Last update: 28 November 2023

Mechanisms and actors

The main objective of the Austrian Youth Strategy, outlined in Chapter 1.3, is to make youth policy a priority in all ministries by integrating it into their decision-making processes. Each ministry formulates national Youth Goals (Jugendziele) based on the four fields of action identified in the strategy. In order to meet the diverse needs of young people, different ministries work together in a cross-sectoral approach.

The Federal Chancellery's Department for Family and Youth takes the lead in coordinating youth policy, while all ministries contribute to youth-related measures and assess their impact on young people through the 'Youth Check' (Verordnung über die Abschätzung der Auswirkungen auf junge Menschen) process described in Chapter 1.2.

The Youth Competence Centre (Kompetenzzentrum Jugend) plays a key role in linking the approaches of different ministries and is responsible for managing the Austrian Youth Strategy. The Youth Strategy Forum (Forum Jugendstrategie) serves as a platform for stakeholders, including ministries, to exchange ideas. The implementation of the strategy is effectively coordinated through established structures, with the Federal Chancellery overseeing the overall process and the Youth Competence Centre coordinating activities and establishing networks.

In addition, the National Working Group on Youth Dialogue and Youth Participation (Nationale Arbeitsgruppe Jugenddialog und Jugendbeteiligung) brings together federal and provincial authorities and other relevant youth policy actors to address the needs of young people across different policy areas and levels of government.

Youth Policy and Administration in Austria's Federal States

Due to the federal structure of Austria, each head of the provincial youth department (Landesjugendreferate) is responsible for the implementation of youth policy and the promotion of extracurricular youth work in their respective province. Matters that do not fall within the scope of federal legislation or implementation are the autonomous responsibility of the provincial states, which can lead to different laws in the individual provinces.

The heads of the provincial youth departments and representatives of the Federal Chancellery meet annually to discuss coordination issues and ensure effective cooperation. Provincial youth councils play a crucial role in providing valuable advice and guidance to provincial governments on youth policy.

Moreover, the Conference of Provincial Youth Offices has defined important tasks. These include promoting the well-being of young people, maintaining quality standards and implementing gender budgeting practices. In addition, they prioritise results-based management, thorough research and evaluation, understanding young people's different circumstances and actively involving them in politics, administration and the shaping of their social environment.