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6. Education and Training

6.9 Awareness-raising about non-formal and informal learning and quality youth work

Last update: 29 March 2024
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  1. Information providers / counselling structures
  2. Awareness raising initiatives

Information providers / counselling structures

The Youth Board of Cyprus (YBC) aims to inform young people about the variety of opportunities for participating on non-formal education activities and programs.  Such information includes opportunities on employment, education, training; information on European programmes and other related opportunities, such as volunteerism, employment, internships, funding, competitions, etc., and information on youth policies throughout Europe.  

The YBC frequently organises events and participates in festivals, education fairs, school events and presentations on topics, such as Employment, Mobility, Skills Development, Entrepreneurship, Education, social media, and European Programmes.

The Eurodesk Cyprus also provides information to young people on a variety of opportunities across Europe, such as mobility, volunteering, exchanges, work, internships and non-formal learning. The network consists of several multipliers around Cyprus, including YIC and NGOs.

Awareness raising initiatives

Different awareness-raising activities have taken place in order to inform young people on the benefits of participating in the Erasmus+ programme, and as an extension, reference to non-formal education was made indirectly.

More specifically, the Eurodesk office in Cyprus organises each year since 2013 the informational campaign “Time to Move” which aims at informing young people about European programmes, volunteering opportunities and schemes as well as general mobility opportunities abroad. Each year several workshops, events, competitions and activities are organized in schools, youth information centers and other central points in various cities in Cyprus.