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6. Education and Training

6.9 Awareness-raising about non-formal and informal learning and quality youth work

Last update: 28 November 2023

Information providers / counselling structures

Counselling and Vocational Guidance constitute a single institution, which is active throughout the professional life of the individual, for this reason it is called Lifelong Counselling and Vocational Guidance or Lifelong CVG.

The beneficiaries of the Lifetime Vocational Guidance Counselling services are:

  • Pupils
  • University Students
  • Unemployed who want to join or re-enter the labor market
  • Employees for lifelong management of their careers and their career changes
  • Parents to help them better understand the needs of adolescents and to support them effectively in their decisions
  • Special groups of the population (disabled, immigrants, etc.)

In the direction of non-formal learning, the National Portal for Lifelong Career Counselling of the National Organization for the Certification of Qualifications and Vocational Guidance (EOPPEP) operates. This website is a modern platform to inform and provide the appropriate tools aimed at:

The Eurodesk Network is a European network with information structures in 36 countries and more than 1.500 national, local and regional partners, which provides young people and those working with young people access to European and national information that enhances their learning mobility. It answers young people 's questions and provides guidance across Europe, covering a wide range of topics such as education, training, employment, volunteering, youth exchanges, rights and any other topic of young people' s interest, using specialized information tools. It is the most complete and affordable source of providing free and online information to young people.

In addition, the Eurodesk Network manages and supports the content of the European Youth Portal, which includes articles, news and events for young people at both national and European level. On top of that, it provides quality, timely and accurate information, with content translated into 28 languages ​​in areas related to education, volunteering, employment, participation, culture, health, social inclusion and the world.

Eurodesk is part of the National Coordination Unit of the Erasmus+ Program for the Youth sector managed by the Foundation for Youth and Lifelong Learning.


Awareness raising initiatives

EOPPEP in the framework of the support of the final users of the Counselling Career services organizes Counselling and Vocational Guidance (VET) seminars for pupils, students-graduates, parents, teachers and unemployed, either independently or in collaboration with relevant public or private bodies sector. Moreover, upon invitation by relevant bodies of SYEP (Vocational Guidance Counselling services), it can participate with scientific presentations, workshops and presentations of its tools in career days organized by bodies throughout Greece.