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7. Health and Well-Being

7.5 Mental health

Last update: 30 March 2021
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  1. National strategy(ies)
  2. Improving the mental health of young people

National strategy(ies)

There is no national strategy in Slovakia to address the mental health of young people yet. The document Vision and development strategy of Slovakia up to 2030 - a long-term strategy for sustainable development of th Slovak Republic - Slovakia 2030 contains this goals concerning mental health:

  • to establish a system of systematic prevention, early diagnosis and intervention, including education system concerning healthy lifestyle and mental health, including the fight against addictions;
  • to increase the availability of mental health care in the health-disorder continuum.

Mental health care is one of the top priorities of Slovakia's recovery plan is health for all. 

Improving the mental health of young people

There is currently no national document aimed at improving exclusively the mental health of youth.

By 2015, the National Mental Health Program was implemented in Slovakia, that partially addressed the theme of mental health of children and youth. Currently, the program is no longer in continuation.

In the National Action Plan for Children for period 2013 – 2017 one of the objective is to support children's health: "to strengthen the mental health of adolescents by informing and removing barriers in relation to pupils with behavioral disorders" The responsible body is the Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic.

In Slovakia there is only one Clinic of Pediatric Psychiatry in Bratislava.


  • The League for Mental Health Slovakia is a non-governmental organization whose projects are partially supported by state funds (through grant schemes), focusing on the mental health of children and youth as well. The League for Mental Health Slovakia implements their own projects or in cooperation with other organizations:
  • Online Counseling Centre of League for Mental Health Nezábudka/Forget-me-no - Anonymous and free Internet Advisory service where experts offer consultations. Young people often write to get advice on their psychological problems (in schools, families) 
  • Information campaigns on mental health – Days of Forget-me-not  - Information campaign Mental Health Days is held on occasion of World Mental Health Day. The campaign is linked to a fundraising public collection. From the yield of the collection, the organization supports the improvement of care for people with mental disorders across all of the Slovak regions.
  • Project How to cope with crises and conflicts (2017) organized in cooperation with the Faculty of Psychology of the Pan-European University for 600 secondary school students from 20 secondary schools – providing lectures and discussions for different student groups.
  • Zippy's Friends (2014-2015) is a program of the British organization Partnership for Children organized and held in Slovakia
  • Youth delegate to the WHOSince the fifth of May the Slovak Republic has established the first youth delegate to the WHO for the period 2020/2021, whose task is to represent Slovak youth at the WHO and at the same time to raise awareness on mental and global health issues among young people in Slovakia through peer activities.
  • Open day in psychiatric clinics - On the occasion of World Mental Health Day (October 10th) in cooperation with the Slovak Psychiatric Society and Servier, it is implementing the Open Day event in psychiatric outpatient clinics, which lasts throughout October. Participants will learn that the psychiatric examination does not hurt, they will learn about the symptoms of depression and the possibilities of its treatment.
  • Mental health app for big employers- A simple tool for employers to be able to provide their employees with basic information, but also tools that can help mental health

  • IPčkois a civic association created by volunteers - psychologists and social workers, who  createdan online counseling for young people. Ipčko service for youth includes:

  1. Good line (Dobrá linka) - A psychological internet counseling for young people with disabilities.
  2. Crisis helpline (Krízová linka pomoci) - Provides anonymous, non-stop and free psychological help and support to people or their loved ones who have found themselves in a crisis related to COVID-19.
  3. It happened ( - A site aimed at providing information and assistance in sexual violence against children and young people in the online space.
  4. I want to kill myself (Chcem sa zabiť .sk) - A portal aimed at helping young people who find themselves at the crossroads of life and do not want or can not go further.