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6. Education and Training

6.4 Validation of non-formal and informal learning

Last update: 20 November 2020
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  1. Arrangements for the validation of non-formal and informal learning
  2. Information and guidance
  3. Quality assurance

Arrangements for the validation of non-formal and informal learning


Experience certificate

The Experience certificate (Ervaringscertificaat EVC) describes one’s abilities, knowledge and work experience. When people have worked for a long time already, they might work above their level of education. They are able to do more and they know more than their diplomas lead to expect. It is possible to  recognize this  knowledge gathered into an Experience certificate. It strengthens people’s position in the labour market. People not currently working or without  a diploma can also apply  for an EVC.

Applications for  an EVC take place at a recognized EVC provider nearby, often an education institute but possibly also a branch organization. The costs of an EVC can (partly) be paid by the employer, or the local employment agency or local social services. The costs of an EVC are tax deductible. 


Information and guidance


Learn and work

The programme Learn and work (Leren en werken) (only in Dutch), supported by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment, exists since 2009.  Its aim is to strengthen the connection between education, the training market, the job market and job opportunities. Focal points are to improve workplace learning (learning while working), career counselling and the use of the Experience certificate (Ervaringscertificaat EVC), which describes one’s abilities,  knowledge and work experience. Above, in this paragraph, EVC is explained in more detail. To better connect these fields there are one or more Learn and work counters in all 35 Labour market regions (Arbeidsmarktregio’s) in the Netherlands. For more information about Labour market regions please see Chapter 3. Employment and Entrepreneurship, par. 3.2 Administration and Governance.


Learn and work counters

Learn and work counters (Leerwerkloketten) are regional meeting places of education, entrepreneurs, employers and government (municipalities and the Employee Insurance Agency -  Uitvoeringsinstituut Werknemers Verzekeringen UWV). They develop activities, arrangements, products and services and give independent advice to pupils, students, workers, job-seekers and employers.

The Learn and work programme is financed by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment. Regional partners support the Learn and work counters in their region. The national Learn and work team works together with other relevant national stakeholders.


Quality assurance