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8. Creativity and Culture

8.6 Developing entrepreneurial skills through culture

Last update: 28 November 2023
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  1. Developing entrepreneurial skills through cultural activities
  2. Support young entrepreneurs in the cultural and creative sectors

Developing entrepreneurial skills through cultural activities


No information has been found about developing entrepreneurial skills through cultural activities in formal education. Chapter 3 Employment and Entrepreneurship, Paragraph 3.6, presents the website of Jong Ondernemen (the Netherlands Enterprise Agency and Young Entrepreneurs).

Jong Ondernemen is a foundation that supports schools with practical entrepreneurial programmes. Creativity is one of the competences students learn to develop in these programmes. Here, however, there is no mention of the use of cultural competences.  


Support young entrepreneurs in the cultural and creative sectors

On its website LKCA gives 13 tips to art professionals on how to include youth, and especially youth in care, in creative arts within the new Youth Law. Municipalities have to fill in youth care services at a local level and are looking for cooperation partners with good initiatives. This offers opportunities, also for art professionals. The following tips are given:  

  1. Think about three central questions:

    a. How do you strengthen young people’s self reliance to prevent or delay specific care questions?

    b. How to make youth aware of problems and care issues in time to be able to support before problems get bigger?

    c. How can you improve the own strength of youth, their families and social environment?

  2. Zoom in on one or more policy theme’s.

  3. Be aware of the innovative character of the cooperation with care and welfare services.

  4. Look at what other art professionals are doing within the new Youth Law.

  5. Broaden your own work field.

  6. Look into participative art projects.

  7. Check if your local municipality is open to art interventions.

  8. Convince your municipality about the power of art inventions.

  9. Start with an open reconnaissance.

  10. How to make a project plan.

  11. Find cooperation partners.

  12. Arrange the budget.

  13. Read the manual on successful inclusive culture projects.

For information about young entrepreneurs and stimulating entrepreneurship in general, please see Chapter 3 Employment and Entrepreneurship.