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2. Voluntary Activities

2.8 Raising awareness about Youth Volunteering opportunities

Last update: 2 April 2023
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  1. Information providers
  2. Key initiatives

Information providers

The top-level public body with the aim of providing information is the Deputy State Secretariat for Civil and Social Relationships within the Prime Minister's Office (Miniszterelnökség) and its Division for Civil and Social Consultation. They maintain the Civil Information Portal (Civil Információs Portál) and the network of Civil Public Service Centres (Civil Közösségi Szolgáltató Központok).

On one hand, the Volunteer Portal (Önkéntes Portál) provides useful, practical and up-to-date information about volunteering for volunteers and those who interested. On the other hand, it ensures that those who want to volunteer find easily and quickly the volunteering opportunities that are best suited to their individual ideas. It also allows host organisations to publicise their current volunteer opportunities.

Key initiatives

Elisabeth Novum Award

In addition to the initiatives mentioned above, the New Generation Award (Új Nemzedék Díj) initiative launched in 2016. In 2020, this award is renamed to Elisabeth Novum Award (Erzsébet Nóvum Díj) and it is managed by the Elisabeth Youth Fund (Erzsébet Ifjúsági Alap). The aim of the Award is to highlight the innovative initiatives and voluntary activities targeting youth and carried out with their involvement. Another aim is to recognise the communities, groups and organisations that selflessly work for their environment, for the people living around them. The Award recognise one project that corresponds to the three main requirements:

  • innovation,
  • collaboration,
  • volunteering.
'You pick it up!' – Volunteering for a pure Hungary

The 'TeSzedd!' (in approximate translation: 'You pick it up!') programme is Hungary's largest volunteer movement.

The objectives and scope of the programme or action is to clean up public areas throughout the country. It lasts 3 days per year (since 2011). The target group is everyone, especially young people, students.

'72 Hours Without Compromise'

An annual event directly funded by the National Cooperation Fund (Nemzeti Együttműködési Alap) and organised by Christian churches is the action called '72 Hours Without Compromise' ('72 óra kompromisszum nélkül'). During the event groups of young people engage in voluntary activities with

  • social,
  • ecological or
  • developmental aims.

In 2022, 8 500 young people participated in the action. Though regular statistical results are not available but stories on the projects can be found on the event's website ('Élménybeszámolók'). (For more information on these programmes, see sub-chapter 9.4 Raising awareness about global issues.)

Pro Voluntarius Award

In accordance with the action plan of the National Volunteer Strategy 2012-2020, the Pro Voluntarius Award (Pro Voluntarius díj) was established in 2013 for the social recognition of volunteering. The prize is awarded each year on International Volunteers' Day (5th of December) to organisations and individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the culture of volunteering.  

'The Ministerial Prize can be awarded for volunteering; common good service; outstanding professional achievement and activities in the education of young generations for volunteering.' (Pro Voluntarius díj)

According to the information, provided by the Ministry, from 2021, in addition to the award and commemorative medal, the winner receives a higher cash prize, about gross EUR 1370 (HUF 500 000).

'Volunteer Marketplace' website

The main aim of the 'Volunteer Marketplace' (Önkéntes Piactér) website is to connect people who want to volunteer with organisations who are looking for volunteers. The site offers hundreds of volunteering opportunities for volunteers across the country.

'Be a superhero!' campaign

The aim of the 'Be a superhero!' ('Legyél Te is szuperhős!') campaign was to increase the activity of individuals on the 'Volunteer Marketplace' website, especially young people, and their participation in voluntary activities. Each month between May and October 2022, valuable prizes were awarded to the 10 people who participated in the most volunteering activities advertised on the 'Volunteer Marketplace' website. During the application period, a total of 60 prizes were awarded to the most active volunteers who participated in an average of 4-5 volunteering activities ('Legyél Te is szuperhős!, Nyertesek', 2022).

'Be the hero of your community!'

Another campaign was the so-called 'Be the hero of your community!' ('Legyél Te a közösséged hőse!') in 2022, which supported informal groups whose aim was to do something selfless for their surrounding environment and to inspire others to do the same. Each month, from May to September 2022, the 4 most innovative volunteer project ideas received direct funding. During the campaign period, 16 application from 18 funded. The budget for the project was EUR 2 200 (HUF 880 000) ('Legyél Te a közösséged hőse!, Nyertesek', 2022).

'Active marketplace' application

The aim of the 'Active Marketplace' ('Aktív Piactér') application was to recognise and promote the activity of organisations registered in the 'Volunteer Marketplace' website. In each month of the campaign, from May to September 2022, the 4 organisations with the highest number of volunteers were received support. They could use the support to fund further volunteer programmes. During the 5-month campaign, 25 organisations from across the country applied and recruited more than 1 900 volunteers for their volunteer activities advertised on the 'Volunteer Marketplace' website ('Aktív piactér, Nyertesek', 2022).