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EACEA National Policies Platform


1. Youth Policy Governance

1.8 Cross-border cooperation

Last update: 17 March 2021

Cooperation with European countries

Slovenia: “Collaboration Agreement in the field of Culture and Education”, signed in Rome on 8 March2000 and entered into force on 29 April 2018.


International cooperation


Council of Europe: The Department for Youth Policies and the Universal civic servicerepresents Italy in the EuropeanSteering Committee for Youth (CDEJ) of the Council of Europe, which coordinates and promotes youth policies among the 49 member States, with focus on young people's access to human and social rights. The Department also represents Italy in the Partnership between European Commission and the Council ofEuropein the field of youth.

Adriatic Ionian Initiative:Italy is part of the Adriatic Ionian Initiative established in May 2000through the "Ancona Declaration". It aims to facilitate the enlargement of the EU in the Western Balkans. Today, the AII initiative counts 8 members: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Greece, Italy, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia.

United Nations. Agreements for the participation of young people under 30 years of age in the Junior Professional Officers programme of various United Nations Agencies: FAO, UNICEF, UNDP, ILO, UNEP, WHO, etc.


Algeria: “Memorandum of Understanding on Youth Policies”, signed in Algiers on 20 January 2007.

Canada. New Agreement between Italy and Canada on Youth Mobility, made in Rome on 11 December 2020. The Agreement expands the scope of the current Work-Holidays Memorandum by introducing the possibility of participating in exchange programmes for students of a post-secondary study course (International Co-op) and for those who, already in possession of a post-secondary qualification, intend to acquire professional experience in the host country (Young professionals). Once in force, the new Agreement will provide young people from the two countries between the ages of 18 and 35 with new opportunities to enrich their curriculum and to identify further employment opportunities.

Israel. Cooperation program in the fields of education, science, culture, youth and sport between the Government of the Republic of Italy and the Government of the State of Israel for the years 2020-2023. (Programme of educational, scientific, cultural, youth and sports cooperation between the Government of the Republic of Italy and the Government of the State of Israel for the years 2020-2023)

Russia. Agreement between the Government of the Italian Republic and the Government of the Russian Federation on cooperation in the youth field, made in Rome on January 15, 2001 and entered into force on July 2, 2003 with ratification law 153/2003.

Quatar: “Memorandum of understanding on cooperation in the fields of Youth and Sports”, signed inRome on 20 November 2018.