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10. Youth work

10.7 Raising awareness about youth work

Last update: 19 March 2024

Information providers

Youth Portals. The Youth Portals developed by the Regions are the main access point to information on youth work spaces and projects at a local level. They are active in 6 Regions while in 7 other Regions, there are institutional information channels focused on the opportunities offered by regional youth policies (LazioLiguriaLombardiaMarcheValle d’AostaVenetoPuglia).

It is the Youth Portals, however, that offer a more articulated, complete and updated information channel. All the portals have specific sections dedicated to exchange, mobility and volunteering opportunities supported by European Union programs, as well as information on Universal Civil Service. 

  • Emilia Romagna. The Emilia Romagna portal Giovani Zoom includes information on the plurality of spaces and youth work organizations within the creativity area (e.g. a map of cultural, artistic and creative spaces, including those managed by associations specialized in the use of art for educational purposes) and participation (Youth Centres, Youth Information Centres). 
  • Toscana. The portal of the Toscana Region Giovanisì constantly provides information on calls for proposals and training courses dedicated to youth participation, culture, legality, social and sport.
  • Piemonte. The portal presents an informative map of spaces run by young people where it is possible to express creativity (e.g. visual arts workshops, painting and drawing courses, illustration, comics and graphics courses, photography and sculpture courses, creative writing courses), as well as youth spaces particularly active in cultural initiatives (cultural events and meetings, readers' clubs, ARCI clubs, book cafés etc.). Moreover, the portal dedicates a specific section to the network of Neighborhood Houses (case di quartiere), cultural and social labs involving associations, citizens, artistic and cultural operators. It also offers information on opportunities for intercultural exchange, study holidays, responsible and sustainable travel. 
  • Trentino Alto Adige. The portal also offers an entire section dedicated to youth centres, with the aim of giving local and national visibility to their activities and facilitating as much as possible the sharing of their experiences and skills. 
  • Friuli Venezia Giulia.The portal provides detailed information on youth associations and participation opportunities, with news on youth associations active in the territory and their contributions and interventions. 
  • Campania. The Giovani Campania portal is very active in the field of socio-educational animation, through the promotion of activities and projects concerning urban creativity and the support and enhancement of different forms of artistic creativity.

Informagiovani Networks

In addition to the web portals maintained by the Regions, there are also information channels dedicated to regional, provincial and municipal networks of Youth Information Centres, such as in LombardiaLazio (Rome)MarcheNaples (Campania) and Valdarno (Toscana).

National information channels

At a national level, the main information channels on non-formal learning opportunities for young people are the websites of the Italian Youth AgencyDepartment for Youth Policies and Universal Civil service, and the National Eurodesk Network.

The portal of the Italian Youth Agency represents the national information point not only on Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps opportunities, but also on training opportunities for youth workers. The National Portal on Universal Civil Service is the main platform on civil service with useful information for young volunteers, for those interested in participating in calls for proposals for the selection of young volunteers, and for bodies carrying out a civil service program. Finally, the youth portal of the Eurodesk network includes a specific section on the exchange, mobility, volunteering and participation opportunities offered by Erasmus+ funded projects. There is also a national map on the information points active at a local level.

Independent information portals

In 5 Regions, there are no specific online information services for young people provided by the public authorities (Abruzzo, Basilicata, Molise, Calabria, Sardegna, Sicilia). In Sardegna, the lack of institutional information is filled by a private newspaper (Sardegna Gol). In Basilicata, an independent portal (Generazione Lucana) edited by a network of young people, groups and youth associations is also active to promote a new season of regional youth policies 2019-2027 (Generazione Lucana 2.0.19).

Key initiatives

The training initiatives on youth work reported in paragraph 10.5 have also contributed to raising awareness on the value of youth work, with specific attention to the need of youth work recognition by public policy, according to principles of pluralism and promotion of the specific contribution coming from the different national out-of-school education traditions as well as from the new youth work practices supported by the EU programs.