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1. Youth Policy Governance

1.8 Cross-border cooperation

Last update: 27 March 2024
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  1. Cooperation with European countries
  2. International cooperation

Cooperation with European countries

A permanent working group on youth work (Groupe de travail Jeunesse) is a cross-border cooperation project in the Greater Region. The objective of this group is to provide a platform for the exchange of youth work experiences and to implement cross-border projects for youth, such as cultural activities. This group has been organising the Greater Region Youth JugendForum under each presidency since 2004, thus providing a platformfor youth professionals, associations, representatives of public services dedicated to young people, as well as political representatives from the Greater Region to meet around a theme, e.g. volunteering, youth and culture and civic commitment. Where possible, young people are involved in the event. The conclusions of the exchanges are presented to the political executives at each Summit and often form the starting point for joint projects.

International cooperation

For information on international cooperation, see 2.5 Cross-border mobility programmes.