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1. Youth Policy Governance

1.8 Cross-border cooperation

Last update: 28 November 2023
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  1. Cooperation with European countries
  2. International cooperation

Cooperation with European countries

“Protocol on Cooperation in Youth Policies” was signed and took effect between the Republic of Turkey Ministry of State Responsible for Youth and Sports and Federal Republic of Germany Ministry of Family Affairs, Senior Citizens and Youth on 18 April 1994. In that scope, Turkish-German Mixed Experts Commission was established. Commission meetings have been held in both countries in turns since 2002. In accordance with the decisions made in the commission meetings, various training activities have been carried out by means of youth and expert exchanges. All planned activities are recorded in reports and carried out by the parties within the predetermined schedule in accordance with the reciprocity principle. Young people who are registered in the youth centres and managers of the youth centres are included in exchanges. In the last decade, about 4.000 young people participated in exchange program. Approximately 500 people from Turkey and Germany participated in the youth exchange programs carried out in Germany and Turkey in the last year.

International cooperation

Japan – Ship for World Youth Program

Ship for World Youth (SWY) is a mobility and intercultural learning themed youth project organized by the Japanese Government. Committees from Turkey also participate in the program which has been organized by Japan since 1989. Within the scope of the program, Japanese Youth Committee visits Turkey each year.

Turkey-South Korea Youth Exchange Program

Within the framework of the Cultural Agreement signed between Turkey and South Korea in 1972, mutual youth exchange programs have been organized since 2007 with the purpose of increasing friendship and cooperation between the two countries. Youth committees consisting of 23 people participate in the program.

Turkey-Tunisia Youth Exchange

Within the framework of the “Cooperation Agreement Between the Republic of Turkey Government and Republic of Tunisia Government In the Field of Youth and Sports” signed between the Republic of Turkey and the Republic of Tunisia in 2012, various activities have been carried out with the purpose of increasing friendship and cooperation between the two countries.

International Youth Camp

Ministry of Youth and Sports organizes international youth camps in Turkey with the purpose of gathering together young people of countries which have a common civilization, history and cultural heritage within the framework of “Common Values, Common Future and Young Leaders” theme; These international youth camps aim to strengthen friendship and fraternity relations among young people and societies; contribute to the development of the young leaders of the future who can contribute in humanity and society by increasing sensitivity to the world’s and society’s problems, to fight against all kinds of discrimination especially Islamophobia and to build a common future which is filled with tolerance and who protect their own values. Participant countries were Turkey, Albania, Tunisia, Morocco, Bahrain, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Azerbaijan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar,