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EACEA National Policies Platform


3. Employment & Entrepreneurship

Last update: 7 January 2021

The main agent in the design and implementation of youth employment and entrepreneurship policies is the Ministry of Labour and Social Economy, the highest public authority in charge of coordinating relevant actors and responsible for the establishment and control of the Youth Guarantee System (Sistema de Garantía Juvenil). At sub-national level, and taking into account their main role in youth policy, the Autonomous Regions take a fundamental role in the projection, definition, implementation and management of public action concerning youth employment and entrepreneurship. Both in the administration and management of actions related to youth employment and entrepreneurship, and in the implementation of the Youth Guarantee System, the Autonomous Regions shall involve the competent departments related to Employment, Education, Social Affairs and Youth.

In the first semester of 2017, the Spanish Government presented the National Reform Plan 2017 (Programa Nacional de Reformas 2017) aiming at promoting employement. The document presents the renewal of the Strategy for Emplyement Activation 2017-2020 (estrategia para la activación del Empleo 2017-2020).

This strategy was approved the 15th of December of 2017 and it is mainly funded by the Spanish Government budget, but it also has funds from the vocationla training for employement constribution; and the national unemployement contribution. 

Its main objectives are: 

  • To improve employability of young people focusing on those who are the most at risk of job insecurity.
  • To promote the re-entry of the long term unemployed in the labour market.
  • To put in place training programmes tailored to the skills required in the current productive system.
  • Modernizationof the National Employement System.
  • Establishing a framework to improve activation policies considering to a bigger extent sectoral and local dimension.

In addition the new National Reform Plan approved in 2019 (Plan Nacional de Reformas 2019), emphasizes the Strategy for Employement Activation 2017-2020 and drives measures in order to guarantee the laboral insertion of youth employement.

Following the lines of action and objectives stipulated by the aforementioned Strategy for Employement Activation and given the critical situation of youth employement in Spain, an Action Plan for Youth employement (Plan de Choque por el Empleo Joven 2019-2021) was devised and agreed upon by multiple stake holders including youth organizations, the Autonomous Communities, the workers unions and business organizations.

This action plan was approved by the Council of Ministers of Spain on December 2018 and it aims to tackle youth unemployement and job insecurity. It comprises 50 measures and is structured around 6 thematic axis (career guidance, education, job opportunities, equal access to employement and improvement of the institutional framework).

The plan has been considered a significant advancement in the field of youth policy as it sets as one of its mains goals to establish a legal framework for traineeship and apprenticeships, morever it is estimated to cost 2 million euros, and to create a network of 3000 career counsellors.