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Last update: 28 March 2024

Youth Policy in Cyprus

Youth policy has become a key element of interest and work for the Republic of Cyprus. The government pays gradually more attention to youth policy and consultation with young people on youth issues grows into a priority in the agenda of state officials. The development of the 1st National Youth Strategy in 2017 is a milestone in the field indicating the importance state officials pay on youth policy. The 1st National Youth Strategy covers 8 fields, similar to the former EU Youth Strategy. The 2nd National Youth Strategy 2030 is under development and expected to be finalised within 2024. 

Ratio of young people in the total population on 1st January

Ratio of men and women in the youth population

Statistic references


Ratio of children and young people in the total population on 1 January by sex and age (yth_demo_020)[data extracted on 28/03/2024].

Youth population on 1 January by sex, age and country of birth (yth_demo_060)[data extracted on 28/03/2024].