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3. Employment & Entrepreneurship

3.11 Current debates and reforms

Last update: 28 November 2023

Forthcoming policy developments

Finance law 2022 for 2023

Each year, the finance law is the legislative act presenting the state budget adopted by the Parliament. It authorises the executive to commit public expenditure.

- The 2023 finance law provides for the financing of, among other things, the following employment-related areas: Promoting access to and return to employment

This action will take the form of an increase in budgetary appropriations dedicated to the coordination of the 'public employment service' and the improvement of measures targeting those furthest from the labour market, as well as the support of those most in difficulty.

- Facilitating integration into employment through the development of work-linked training

The 2023 finance law announces the forthcoming launch of a consultation led by the Government with the social partners to determine the methods of supporting the work-linked training dynamic in 2023. This approach must be consistent with the objective of one million apprentices per year by 2027.

- Building a skills society: contribution of the Skills Investment Programme (SIP)

- To improve the integration or return to employment of the most excluded people, long-term jobseekers and young people, the Government has set up the Skills Investment Plan (PIC). This plan continues with a commitment of 2.95 billion euros in 2023.

Source : Loi de finances 2023.


Ongoing debates


National conferences on labour (Assises du Travail)

The ministry in charge of Work and Employment, in the context of the National Refoundation Council (Conseil national de la Refondation - CNR) launched the National consultations on 2 December 2022. Working groups and territorial events are being organised until mid-February to provide thought on the following themes:

- The relationship to work ;

- Health and quality of life at work;

- Democracy at work.

A consultation is also available online on the website of the Conseil national de la Refondation.