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3. Employment & Entrepreneurship

3.11 Current debates and reforms

Last update: 11 January 2021

Forthcoming policy developments


Draft finance law 2021

Every year the French government presents its draft finance law (PLF) in the autumn. It is a single document setting out all of the government’s income and expenditure for the coming year. This draft law proposes the amount, nature and allocation of government resources and outlays. The PLF takes into account the strategic axes of public policies developed by the government.

For 2021, the draft finance law plans to fund, among others, the following axes related to employment:

  • “Improving the effectiveness of measures for integrating vulnerable groups into the workplace”.

This action will be implemented by boosting budgetary loans dedicated to supporting young people and integration through economic activity (IAE). The measures for integrating those with disabilities into the workplace will also be strengthened.

  • “Continuing investment in skills”.

To improve access and return to work for those who have been out of employment, long-term jobseekers and young people, the national government has put in place the plan to invest in skills (PIC). 

In 2021, the PIC funding will continue to rise with a new commitment of €3.3 billion.

As part of the economic relaunch resulting from the health crisis, approximately €0.5 billion will be allocated to fund a plan to digitalise training by the PIC. The crisis has actually shown the low level of digitisation in vocational training, as well as a digital divide.

Source: PLF 2021 La relance. Projet de loi de finance 2021


Ongoing debates


The “France relance” plan

On 3 September 2020, the Prime Minister presented the “France relance” (Relaunch France) plan, a roadmap for “the economic, social and ecological reconstruction of French society in the context of the COVID-19 health crisis.” The plan includes a youth section (“1 jeune, 1 solution” plan) that “with the aim of sparking new opportunities for young people and those who want to switch careers or learn new skills”. The funding by the French government and Europe totals €100 billion. For the 2020-2022 period, €6.5 billion will be dedicated to the “1 jeune, 1 solution” plan, part of which is included in the 2021 draft finance law.

This plan has generated much debate and discussion, especially between experts (economists, public policy specialists) who have analysed the potential impact of this plan.

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