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EACEA National Policies Platform


8. Creativity and Culture

8.10 Current debates and reforms

Last update: 11 January 2021

Forthcoming policy developments


Strengthen critical thinking education for young people

In the midst of a health crisis (COVID-19) marked by increased circulation of false information and conspiracy theories, the Ministry of Culture wanted to reaffirm the importance and the need to develop critical thinking in young people by strengthening media and data education, particularly in science.

The objectives of this policy are:

- "To decipher [false information], particularly in the scientific and medical field, analyse images, know how to navigate the different sources of information, understand the mechanisms of influence that are at play";

- "To fight against hateful content, and deconstruct the conspiracy theories spread widely online, especially on social networks";

- "To provide the keys to understanding how to prevent separatism or radicalisation";

- "To encourage a better understanding of journalistic work, of how the media and social networks operate, in a context of mistrust towards traditional media and massive circulation of false information";




Culture Pass

The Government has launched the Culture Pass, an application dedicated to culture which is currently being tested (See: Fostering the creative use of new technologies).

The "Culture Pass", available since June 2019 in 14 French departments, enables access to culture for 18 year olds by offering them a wide range of art forms and cultural experiences. The application will be extended to all of France in January 2022.

The "Culture Pass" has a total value of €500. It can be used once or multiple times. It allows you to participate in cultural activities or outings (cinemas, museums, lessons, workshops, etc.) or to purchase digital materials and goods (books, music downloads, films, etc.).



Ongoing debates


There are currently no ongoing debates relating to cultural policies aimed at young people.