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EACEA National Policies Platform: Youthwiki


9. Youth and the World

9.7 Current debates and reforms

Forthcoming policy developments


Launch of the International Solidarity Initiative

In a context of travel restrictions imposed by the coronavirus crisis, the MEAE – Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs (ministère de l’Europe et des Affaires étrangères) has launched an International Solidarity Initiative (ISI – Initiative en faveur de la solidarité internationale) allowing young people to continue engaging in solidarity initiatives and to "contribute to the development of world citizenship". The International Solidarity Initiative (ISI) has been put in place by an operator, the FONJEP – National Institute for Youth and Non Formal Education (Fonds de coopération de la jeunesse et de l’éducation populaire).  It aims to support intercultural exchanges and the engagement of young people in international solidarity projects, by experimenting with new ways of acting, such as the creation of online projects, exchanges in France between small groups or even virtual exchanges.



Ecological Transition Contracts

The Ecological Transition Contracts / contrats de transition écologique make it possible to accompany and support the ecological transformation of the regions. They are not specifically aimed at young people, but “they also aim to turn citizens and young people into involved and aware actors in projects undertaken to help the ecological and solidary transition in their area”. The Ecological Transition Contracts are built jointly by the local authorities, the state and the socio-economic stakeholders of the area. They aim to: 

  • “Demonstrate through action that ecology can be a driving force of the economy, and develop local job opportunities for the ecological transition (structuring the channels, developing new training programmes).”

  • “Act alongside all the regional players, in both the public and private sectors, to make the ecological transition a reality.”

“Provide operational support when an area is undergoing industrial reconversion (professional training, reconversion of sites).” The regions participating in the Ecological Transition Contracts do so voluntarily. In 2020, 100 regions representing more than 200 inter-municipal associations were involved in the Ecological Transition Contracts scheme.



Ongoing debates


Draft constitutional law to complement the 1st article of the Constitution and relating to environmental conservation.

The government has drafted a constitutional law to incorporate environmental conservation into the 1st article of the constitution, as proposed by the Citizens’ Convention for the Climate. This constitutional revision is set to be put to referendum in 2021.