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8. Creativity and Culture

Last update: 28 November 2023

Democratising access to culture and artistic practices is the major thrust underpinning cultural youth policies aimed at encouraging cultural participation on the part of young people, which might be defined as the possibility of accessing culture, practising arts and expressing one's creativity; in other words, of being a cultural spectator, beneficiary and stakeholder all at once. These policies also set out to familiarise them with national heritage as well as to recognise and adapt to new uses and cultural practices among youngsters, particularly in the wake of the technological revolution.

These objectives are not just being pursued by the government departments concerned, particularly the Ministry of Culture which is instrumental in developing cultural initiatives for young people, but also by local authorities, associations and cultural institutions (such as museums, libraries and theatres) which play no small part in the cultural participation of youth through the development of initiatives and projects, financial assistance and building of cultural facilities. Policies bearing on creativity and culture involve all sorts of stakeholders with differing areas of expertise who usually work together, in a complementary fashion.