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EACEA National Policies Platform: Youthwiki


6. Education and Training

6.10 Current debates and reforms

Forthcoming policy developments


Limitation of home schooling

On 2 October 2020, the French president announced that from the start of the 2021 school year, the home schooling option would be strictly limited. This measure is part of the bill "consolidating republican principles" which, according to the President, aims “to strengthen secularism, to consolidate republican principles". This bill will be presented on 9 December to the Council of Ministers.




Ongoing debates


Education Conference (Grenelle de l’Éducation, a French multi-party conference on education issues)

The Ministry of National Education, Youth and Sports has announced that reforms will be launched in 2021 aimed at improving the education system and the professions of national education staff. Beforehand, the Ministry launched "Le Grenelle de l'Education", an education conference, which is an occasion for debate and negotiation. It will run until February 2021 and will involve national education staff, parents of students and unions, as well as civil society.

The education conference will consist of three elements:

  1. Meetings between the administration and representative trade unions of the Ministry of National Education, Youth and Sports (social dialogue)
  2. An extensive consultation with civil society,
  3. Education conference incubator.

The aim of these three elements is to lead to concrete proposals that will be debated at the Grenelle conference in February 2021.

These proposals will be structured around three levers for improving the education system:

  • "Better recognition of national education staff."
  • "More assertive cooperation to strengthen team spirit, collegiality and solidarity between the various stakeholders in the educational community"
  • "Greater openness of the education system in order to better adapt structures to their environment by questioning the autonomy of institutions, the fluidity of courses, and the role of technology within education."