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10. Youth work

10.7 Raising awareness about youth work

Last update: 31 August 2022
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  1. Information providers
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Information providers

The main actor in raising awareness about youth work is the Elisabeth Youth Fund (Erzsébet Ifjúsági Alap). Its website, Facebook- and Instagram pages feature news and developments of youth work and training opportunities. The most recent development was the launch of a resource map ('Erőforrástérkép') listing local youth work actors as well as local strategic documents and community spaces.

The website (honlap) of the Erasmus+ Youth Unit of Tempus Public Foundation provides information on E+ Youth trainings and they organise regular events to raise awareness of the opportunities.

Key initiatives

The Elisabeth Novum Award (Erzsébet Nóvum Díj) initiative introduced in sub-chapter 2.6 Raising awareness about youth volunteering opportunities relates to youth work too. The Elisabeth Novum Award aims

'to draw attention to the innovative initiatives based on cooperation and volunteering, which are aimed at young people, and involve them in their implementation. 

A project of an organisation or an informal group is evaluated according to the relevance in the following 3 main topics: innovation, collaboration and volunteering'.

The award means a financial support of HUF 1 million (around EUR 2 800) to the winning organisation, for a project which integrates the above-mentioned evaluation aspects. The ALTERNAIV Youth and Cultural Association won the 2021 award with a project related to environment protection ('Az ALTERNAIV Egyesület nyerte az idei Erzsébet Nóvum Díjat').