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10. Youth work

10.7 Raising awareness about youth work

Last update: 28 November 2023

Information Providers

The website provides basic information about Youth Work. It is an initiative of the Hellenic Youth Workers Association, which consists of workers, employees and volunteers in the youth sector in Greece.  

The EU Network Eurodesk is a European network of information structures which provides young people and those working with young people, with access to European and national information covering a wide range of topics such as studies, training, work, employment, voluntary activities, youth exchanges, rights as well as any other topic concerning the interests of young people, using specialized information tools.


Key Initiatives

In the view of raising public awareness regarding the value of Youth Work, the General Secretariat of Vocational Education, Training, Lifelong Learning and Youth organized an online event on "Youth Work: the road to recognition", in which suggestions were presented regarding the Greek reality, as well as the European dimension of the profession of working with/for young people.