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10. Youth work

10.7 Raising awareness about youth work

Last update: 29 January 2024

Information providers

NIVAM – Slovak Youth Institute


Association of information and counselling centres for youth (ZIPCEM)


  • Provides a wide range of information services from various areas (brigades, counselling, education, leisure, etc.),

  • An overview of active youth organizations providing opportunities for non-formal learning as part of the project “In Good Hands - Learning non-formally”,  

  • Network of Information centres for youth (ICM) provides information on current opportunities for non-formal education at national as well as regional level.

Youth Council of Slovakia (RMS) and Association of regional youth councils (AKRAM)


  • RMS a AKRAM promote the activities of their member organizations, including education activities.


Key initiatives

  1. Conference EMPOWER (2019) 

  • Continuation of the initiative to recognize non-formal education of youth work by various stakeholders,

  • Signing of the Declaration by the new 25 signatories,

  • Examples of cooperation between different stakeholders using methods, forms or approaches to youth work.

  1. Conference Slovak Youth Report 2018 (Konferencia Správa o mládeži 2018)

  • Mid-term evaluation of the Implementation of the Strategy of the Slovak Republic for Youth for the Years 2014 – 2020

  • Special attention paid to the discussion, in particular, to support flexibility, accessibility of systems and partnerships of all providers of education, including youth work.

  1. Declaration on the Recognition of Non-Formal Education (2013)


  • Within the framework of ESF National Project “Komprax - Competence for Practice”

  • Initiative towards employers and formal education representatives on recognizing the importance and benefits of youth work to develop competences for the labour market and the overall personal and social life,

  • Creation of functional partnerships promoting the continuity of formal and non-formal education with a view to recognize competences acquired in youth work.

  • Signature of the Declaration in 2013 (more than 100 signatories), 

  • Separate publication on the issue of recognition of non-formal education in youth work (Krok za krokom k uznaniu).

Other initiatives

  • Europe Goes Local - project of several national agencies Erasmus+ to support the development of quality youth work at municipality level,

  • Publication Reading Book of Non-formal Education in Youth Work (Šlabikár neformálneho vzdelávania)

  • NIVAM – Supergeneration Podcast – created thanks to the cooperation with the EURODESK Slovakia information network (which is part of the Erasmus + National Agency for Youth and Sports and the European Solidarity Corps), regional coordinators of the Youth Work Support Department and external collaborators. Podcasts inform youth workers and young people about European and national opportunities and where to look for them and how to use them in their personal and professional life. At the same time, they open some of the current critical topics and bring the views and opinions of experts in the given areas.