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10. Youth work

10.7 Raising awareness about youth work

Last update: 1 March 2023
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  1. Information providers
  2. Key initiatives


Information providers

The network of local and regional youth information and counselling centres offers up-to-date information about youth work opportunities for young people in their local communities and beyond. The information is available on their websites, but also in different physical places like the centres themselves, or their various info stands in schools, libraries, cafes, pop-up stands in the streets…

Many other youth organizations run info services for their members, mainly through mailing lists or social media. The Agency for Mobility and EU Programmes offers information about youth work opportunities within the Erasmus+ programme on its website, social media and mailing lists. In Croatia there is also a wide network of local Eurodesk multipliers (youth organizations) which offer information about scholarships, internships, training opportunities, seminars, etc.


Key initiatives

The Agency for Mobility and EU Programmes continually informs the public about the value of youth work, particularly in the EU context, targeting youth organization, schools and young people. The Central State Office for Demography and Youth is currently implementing an ESF-supported project entitled Supporting the development of youth work in Croatia. One of the planned activities for autumn 2020 was the public campaign which will focus on the promotion of youth work, its benefits for young people and society at large. However, it has not been implemented so far.