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8. Creativity and Culture

Last update: 28 November 2023

Culture is an important part of young peoples' lives in the Czech Republic. According to the data (see Chapter 8.1), young people are more creative and active in cultural issues, compared to the older generation.

Young people have very good conditions for access and guidance on quality cultural activities and gaining artistic and cultural competences, and thus foster their creativity as well. There is a strong and qualitatively high system of free-time Elementary Art Schools, where young people can learn to play musical instruments, act, dance or paint. In the Czech Republic, this education is on high level - because of the scope and density from big to many smaller municipalities and because of the quality of expert artists, professionals and teachers involved in the system.

There is also a very robust system of various national competitions, shows and exhibitions for young people performing any artistic activity interlinked from local, through regional to national and international level.

Despite high decentralisation and freedom in cultural policies and expressions, there is traditionally whole-state cooperation and coordination and support in the field of cultural activities for young people, in the Czech Republic, usually called aesthetic or artistic.  

Formal education emphasizes development of cultural and creative competence and more recently also to entrepreneurial skills.

Non-Formal education providers are very strong in the cultural field. Nearly every public cultural or memorial institution has special programmes for young people or provides discounted or free entries.