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3. Employment & Entrepreneurship

3.7 Cross-border mobility in employment, entrepreneurship and vocational opportunities

Last update: 15 March 2024
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  1. Programmes and schemes for cross-border mobility
  2. Legal framework

Programmes and schemes for cross-border mobility

Usually support to young entrepreneurs is provided by the small and medium enterprise support policy, and support for starting entrepreneurs, for which measures age limit is not important. However, young people are a natural target group (even if not explicitly mentioned in legislation). The same principle thus also applies for EU Funds targeted at support of entrepreneurship and entrepreneur mobility.

There could be regional and local activities by the Regional Offices and Euroregions, however these are not usually linked with the age status. Many of the initiatives are under the EU-funded project for cross-border cooperation with the support of regional offices. 


Employment - Your first EURES Job

The EU initiative Your first EURES Job is fully implemented in the Czech Republic. It is implemented by the National authority DG of the Employment Office of the Czech Republic and is very visible within the whole employment system. 

It is composed of a public online portal and guidance and integration of the service within the network of employment offices.

There are several cross-border EURES partnerships

  • Czech-Bavaria EURES partnership
  • First partnership among new and old EU member countries since 2005
  • EURES-Tri-Regio (CZ-DE-PL)
  • EURES-T Beskydy (CZ-PL-SK)
  • There is no cross-border EURES partnership with Austria


Erasmus for young entrepreneurs

The Czech Republic is implementing this EU programme and it is the only opportunity for cross-border mobility targeted at young entrepreneurs directly. 

There are 3 contact places in the Czech Republic in 2020.

Examples of open projects under this scheme:

  • BE EUROPE - Business Tandem for Europe Network aims at building partnerships in the context of Erasmus for young entrepreneurs. The network created is paving the way for new business contacts between European companies and reduces the barriers and borders of international markets. The contacts and cooperation with European companies thus generated provide both novice and experienced entrepreneurs with new inspiration for their business. Newly formed relationships will help to strengthen their competitiveness.


Cross-border Mobility in professional and vocational training and education (VET)

For more details on mobility in VET and Education see Chapter 6.5.

In the context of European mobility, cross-border mobility in VET is based on Erasmus+ opportunities:

  • Pupils mobility in vocational education and training - 2 weeks to 12 months
    • Internship in the organisation of vocational education and training - this is a combination of theoretical and practical training / practice
    •  Internship in a company - this is only a work activity
  • Workers mobility in vocational education and training - 2 days to 12 months
    • Teaching / training mobility - allows teachers of vocational schools to teach at a partner school or the staff from enterprises to teach in an organisation involved in vocational training
      • Since 2016 it is also possible that the applicant can invite trainers from companies of other programme countries to teach in their organisation
    • Professional development - this helps to develop the expertise and skills of staff working in the field of vocational education and training through practical work experience or sharing of experience (job shadowing / exchange of experience) directly in an enterprise or other organisation involved in vocational training
  • Language preparation in VET - at least 19 days not including travel days
  • In the context of Czech-German mobility, there are opportunities supported by the Tandem - Czech-German Youth Exchange coordination centre. Mobility is for pupils in VET and lasts 2 weeks at minimum. Language and intercultural support are provided. 


Legal framework

There is no special legal Framework for Cross-Border Mobility in Employment, Entrepreneurship and Vocational Opportunities for young people.