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2. Voluntary Activities

2.6 Quality assurance

Last update: 28 November 2023

The main mechanism for monitoring and ensuring the quality of youth volunteering programmes, projects and schemes is the monitoring of the number of young people participating in volunteering projects and programmes, as well as the existence of national registry of volunteering programmes/projects and their organisers.

The Law on Volunteering defines responsibilities of both the Ministry of Labour, Employment, Veteran and Social Affairs and the organisers of volunteering programmes/projects. The Ministry is responsible for keeping the records of volunteering organisers and prescribing the application contents for the organisers of volunteering. The volunteering organiser is obliged to keep the volunteer records. For the long-term volunteering, the records should contain: description of the volunteering programme/volunteering services and activities, the duration of the volunteering/volunteering programme, number of volunteers engaged in a volunteering programme, data on the volunteer beneficiaries as well as the personal data of the volunteers, information about preparatory training for conducting volunteering services and activities and other relevant information. The volunteering organiser is obliged to register any volunteering activity that is to be conducted for the first time. In addition, the volunteering organiser is obliged to annually submit volunteering reports to the Ministry.

The Law on Volunteering also specifies that the volunteering organiser is obliged to provide the volunteers with a written confirmation of their volunteer work, upon their request.

The Ministry of Tourism and Youth is also involved in youth volunteer activities monitoring. It conducts surveys and annual research on the position and needs of young people, together with the research on the implementation of the National Youth Strategy. These surveys and reports are not targeted only/directly at the youth volunteering activities, but they cover relevant questions for monitoring and measures development. According to the Survey on the position and needs of young people in Serbia 2022 most young people – 78,9% are not familiar with the Youth Rules programme; 75% hadn’t participated in any volunteering activities so far, and those who have are mostly older than 20 and living in urban areas. Among the respondents who had volunteered, 34,7% stated that they had received written confirmation of their volunteer work. However, the number of young people participated in volunteer activities has been continuously growing from 2015 (22%) to 2019 (33%).

There are no formally specified criteria/indicators/standards used to assess the quality of programmes and schemes of youth volunteering at national and transnational level.

The outcomes of quality assurance mechanisms are not formally defined.