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6. Education and Training

6.10 Current debates and reforms

Last update: 28 November 2023

Forthcoming policy developments

The public consultation on the future of Higher Education is structured in four main areas:

  • University quality upgrade
  • Enhancing the functionality of HEIs
  • Promoting connection of HEIs with society
  • Modernization of the Hellenic National Academic Recognition and Information Center (DOATAP)

Current reforms of the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs include:

  • New School Curricula: new content, digital dimension, focusing on students
  • National System of Vocational Education, Training and Lifelong Learning (law 4763/2020)
  • Upgrading of the school, empowerment of teachers (law 4823/2021)
  • Introduction to Higher Education (law 4777/2021)
  • Modernization of private education (law 4713/2020)
  • Upgrading School (law 4692/2020)


Ongoing debates

The Standing Committee on Educational Affairs of the Hellenic Parliament operates within the framework of the parliamentary work of the Greek Parliament. It is responsible for matters of the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs and the Ministry of Culture and Sports. It consists of representatives of the parliamentary groups of the Greek Parliament.