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8. Creativity and Culture

8.10 Current debates and reforms

Last update: 5 April 2023

According to the information provided by the Ministry in 2021, the three most important issues in the field of youth community culture are:

  • national identity, patriotism,
  • health awareness and
  • climate awareness.

All three of the above themes were frequently included in non-formal and informal learning programmes (workshops, theme weeks, camps, etc.) organised by community cultural institutions for students in public educational institutions. Under the HDROP Plus programming [the planned Human Resources Development Operational Programme for the current EU financial cycle], the European Commission supported only non-formal learning programmes run by schools and teachers, which has caused controversy, as cultural sector institutions have recently also achieved considerable results with non-formal education (museum education, theatre education, etc.). According to the ministry, students will be significantly disadvantaged as there will be no long-term (12-36 months) but only occasional activities (e.g. one theatre visit per year).