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8. Creativity and Culture

8.10 Current debates and reforms

Last update: 3 April 2024

According to the information provided by the Ministry for Culture and Innovation in 2023, the three most important issues in the field of youth community culture are:

  • national identity, patriotism,
  • health awareness and
  • climate awareness.

All three of the above themes were frequently included in non-formal and informal learning programmes (workshops, theme weeks, camps, etc.) organised by community cultural institutions for students in public educational institutions.

In addition, government proposals have been made in the following topics:

  • Ensure programmes to support non-formal and informal learning and promote cultural and leisure activities, especially for young people living in rural areas, and to bring cultural values and cultural services to young people in areas and municipalities without cultural or cultural value-added institutions.
  • In addition to passive reception and active consumption of culture, young people should be given greater opportunities to develop their talents through artistic creation and the presentation of their works. The state should effectively promote the presentation and launch of young artists through support for institutions and the possibility of tenders.