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8. Creativity and Culture

8.10 Current debates and reforms

Last update: 10 July 2024

Upcoming political developments

The Ministry of Culture  allocates €15 million to stimulate and strengthen the resilience of Contemporary Culture and its creators with an integrated Plan of Development Measures and New Actions in the context of the prevention of corona virus COVID-19. 

In order to support, not only the field of Contemporary Culture, but also creators and professionals, it ensured €5 million from its Budget for 2020, and an additional €10 million from the Ministry of Finance to strengthen the cultural, but also the creative sector. 

The first phase of the Development Measures and New Actions Plan includes a Special Call for the development of film projects (development) a) short films and b) documentary productions. In addition, it includes a Special Invitation separately for DIPETHE, the funding of the theatrical productions of the free theater and contemporary dancing, the field of design and animation, the creators of Greek gaming, for commissioning projects to Greek artists (visual art artists, directors, composers, actors, scriptwriters, etc.), for the distribution of digital titles of children's and youth Greek literature (e-books) through a special platform, in collaboration with the publishing community and others. 

The Ministry of Culture has developed a 2022 Action Plan  with the following key objectives: 

• Strengthening the cultural and creative economy 

• The contribution of culture to the economic and social development of the country 

• The upgrading of public space and the improved access to cultural activities 

• The Transnational - cross-border collaborations in culture. Promotion of Greece as an international cultural pole 

• The protection and promotion of cultural heritage and contemporary creation 

• Interventions to rationalize and modernize the structures and operation of the Ministry of Culture, simplify procedures and promote e-governance

Continuous discussions

The Ministry of Culture  intends to immediately commission a survey among the professionals of the Greek cultural and creative sector to measure the impact of the crisis on Culture.