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2. Voluntary Activities

2.6 Quality assurance

Last update: 14 February 2024

The Ministry of Labour, Pension System, Family and Social Policy (MLPSFSP), the body responsible for monitoring the implementation of the Volunteering Act, invites annually associations, institutions, foundations, non-profit legal entities, state bodies, and local and regional self-government units to report on organised volunteering through web applications. The report contains general details about the organiser of volunteering, information on volunteering activities during the reporting period, and specifics on the type of activity/service in which volunteers participated. Additionally, the MLPSFSP compiles a list of volunteer organisers.

Beneficiaries of state grants (local and regional volunteer centres) are obliged to submit a descriptive and financial report twice a year (every six months). In the written report, volunteer organisers should detail project achievements and outcomes during the reporting period, co-operation with partners and project providers, their obligations, how the organisation's capacities have been strengthened, and  an assessment of the project's performance.

Directorate – General for Programmes and Projects of the MLPSFSP analyses reports on the implementation of programmes and projects, including those related to volunteering. Its responsibility includes establishing a financial control system to ensure funds are spent in accordance with their specific purpose. Additionally, in the context of volunteering, it provide advice and monitors volunteer organisers in the field.

The Croatian Volunteer Development Centre (CVDC) works on standardising and improving the quality of key stakeholders crucial for volunteering development. The CVDC has created various resources with the goal of elevating the quality of volunteering projects and programmes (e.g., Quality Standards of Volunteering Programmes for Volunteer Organisations, Volunteer Management for Non-Profits, etc.).