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2. Voluntary Activities

2.6 Quality assurance

Last update: 28 November 2023

According to Greek Law 4662/2020 (Article 60), there are several conditions that the volunteer has to meet in order to renew the status of the Civil Protection volunteer. These conditions can ensure the quality of the volunteers who collaborate with the Civil Protection:

1. In order for the Civil Protection Volunteers to renew their status as Volunteers, they receive every six (6) years from the date of acquisition of their status, additional training from the Academy of Civil Protection.

2. In case of unsuccessful completion of the above additional training, the Civil Protection Volunteers may repeat the process within three (3) months, during which their status is suspended. Failure to do so will, results in loss of Civil Protection Volunteer status.

3. Loss of the status of Civil Protection Volunteer occurs after the issuance of a reasoned decision by the Secretary General of Civil Protection.

4. The deletion of the Voluntary Organisation from the Civil Protection Volunteering Register, leads also to the loss of status for the respective volunteers - members of this organisation.