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1. Youth Policy Governance

1.9 Current debates and reforms

Last update: 28 March 2024
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  1. Forthcoming policy developments
  2. Ongoing debates

Forthcoming policy developments

The major top-level policy development in the youth field that is expected to be finalised in 2024 is the development of the National Strategy for Youth 2030. The process is coordinated by the Youth Board of Cyprus, which will follow a participatory method for the consultation and involvement of all stakeholders. 

Moreover, the President of the Republic of Cyprus, Nikos Christodoulides, in his State of the Union Speech on 29 January 2024 announced the following policies and initiatives for youth:

  1. The declaration of 2024 as the National Year of Youth. In this context, Ministries and Deputy Ministries will promote specific actions for young people, with the ultimate goal of their more active participation in society.

  2. The operation of a special digital tool for non-binding referendums and the special platform EKFRACY, for young people.

  3. The dialogue with the legislature and social partners, to lower the age limit to 17 years for voting and automatically register young voters on the electoral rolls.

  4. A new affordable housing policy, which includes actions of €77 million that aim to provide solutions to the housing problem faced by young people. 

Ongoing debates

As mentioned above, the major forthcoming development in youth policy for 2024 is the drafting of the 2nd National Youth Strategy. During this process, ministries and agencies that participate in the cross-sectoral working group, as well as youth organisations and young people have an active role to play. Thus, several focus groups and consultations are currently designed in order to engage all the stakeholders in the youth field.