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3. Employment & Entrepreneurship

3.7 Cross-border mobility in employment, entrepreneurship and vocational opportunities

Last update: 28 November 2023
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  1. Programmes and schemes for cross-border mobility
  2. Legal framework

Programmes and schemes for cross-border mobility

No programmes or schemes that are managed by EURES are aimed at young people going abroad for a traineeship, apprenticeship or for work. Your First EURES Job is an EU run mobility programme whereby young people are given financial assistance when moving abroad for work. However, EURES Malta has never participated in the running of this project. This is not to suggest that Maltese young people do not have access to financial assistance under this project but it would not be EURES Malta receiving the application. What Jobsplus does with any young people who are interested in moving abroad is to advise them of this project and the option of obtaining financial assistance (if their employment sector fits within one of the funded sectors – this changes and is dependent on the different YFEJ projects currently open and the focus areas that have been selected).


EURES Malta provides advice and guidance to all persons including young people regarding mobility. Jobsplus advises them on how to search for a job in another country. Interested participants are put in touch with the EURES network in the country they wish to move to as it is the EURES advisers in the country of destination that can assist them in regard to procedures and processes. Jobsplus also directs people to the EURES Portal where they can find job opportunities and living and working information for all member states.  Jobsplus also advises people on the appropriate processes locally (i.e., inform tax department that a participant is moving abroad, transfer of social benefits, etc.). Jobsplus has in the past held information sessions and training for people interested in moving abroad to live and work. Jobsplus also promotes recruitment events abroad that are organised by EURES in other countries.


The EURES office in Malta operates with National funds.


Legal framework

No specific legal framework exists for the cross-border mobility of young workers, trainees/apprentices and professionals/entrepreneurs. However, EU Nationals have access to the Maltese Labour Market and can work in Malta without restrictions (with the exception of Croatian Nationals where transitional arrangements still exist).


Irrespective of age, the rights and obligations of non-EU citizens depend mainly on their conditions of entry.  Third Country Nationals (TCN’s) who obtain a single permit application or TCN’s who have obtained long-term residence can enjoy the same equal treatment as nationals in regards to access to employment and self-employed activity, and access to education and vocational training.


However, there is an exception for youths who come from Australia and USA due to bilateral agreements between Malta and Australia/the USA, whereby there is an opportunity for young people under the age of 30 years old to obtain a working/holiday visa. This authorises them to work in Malta without being subject to any labour market testing.